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woAH winry consider this;; rick and daryl givin each other cute lil nicknames and judy catches on and starts callin Daryl 'sweetheart' and Rick 'darlin' becAUSE thats what she hears her daddys callin each othe r god be still my beATING heart


ALSo i’m in a writing mood now so curse you and your ideas


Rick brushed the sweat off his forehead and sighed. He rested his back by the wall and slowly slid down to sit on the ground. He heard giggling behind the wall and smiled softly to himself.

'C'mon, Judy! Let's go greet daddy.' Daryl's voice said and the little girl giggled. Rick turned his head to the side. His heart filled with warmth when he saw Judith wobbly walk towards him, her tiny hand in Daryl's. Rick pushed himself off the wall and stretched his arms out.

'Hey, baby! Come here!' he called out in a soft voice. Judy smiled and giggled and quickly walked into his arms. Rick hugged her, picked her up and stood up. Daryl smirked and walked up closer to him. He pointed at his cheek. Rick leaned in and placed a little kiss there.

'Sweetheart!' Judith said. Rick's eyes widened and he stared at her. 

'What was that? What did you say, Judy?' he asked, his heart pounding in his chest. Daryl awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. Judy smiled and pointed at Daryl.

'Sweetheart!' she said again. Daryl's cheeks blushed slightly and he looked at Rick only to find the same look of confusion on his face. 'Darlin'!' Judith said, bopping Rick's nose. The man chuckled.

'Guess she learned that from us..' Rick mumbled, half proudly, half guiltily. Daryl ruffled the girl's hair, a soft look on his face that Rick secretly loved so much. 

'She's a smart kid, just like her daddy.' Daryl said, poking Judy's sides to make her giggle. Rick shrugged. 'She better not hear what we say at night though.. 'Specially you.' Daryl added, sending Rick a sly grin. 

'Sweetheart…' Rick said, squinting his eyes. 'Shut up.'